"Bust A Stream"

[Verse 1:]
This here is a jam for the entire fellas
Tryin to do what the ones women folk let us know ...
Get shot down result in ya over-zealous
Play rough to get women get jealous
Very well smarty visit a celebration
Women are scantily clad and showin frame
A chick walks via you need you can actually intercourse her
Yet you are status at the wall such as you was once Poindexter
Subsequent day's perform prime magnificence luncheon
Delicacies is served, and also you're stone-chilly munchin
Song comes on other folks begin to dance
However then you definitely ate loads you just about break up your pants
A lady starts off going for walks men start off gawking
Sits down subsequent to you and begins speaking
Says she desires to dance purpose she loves to groove
So come on fatso and simply bust a circulate

[Verse 2:]
You might be on a undertaking and your wishin
Person should healing your lonely circumstance
Lookin for romance in each of the fallacious locations
No nice ladies simply grotesque faces
A few frustration first inclination
Is to grow to be a monk and go away the location
Yet each and every darkish tunnel has a gentle of desire
So do not hold your self with a celibate rope
Your film's showin, so that you're goin
Would care much less concerning the 5 you are blowin
Theater will get darkish simply to begin the exhibit
Then ya spot a superb girl sittin for your row
She's wearing yellow, she says "Hi,
Come take a seat subsequent to me you superb fellow."
You run over there with no 2nd to lose
And what comes subsequent good day bust a movement

[Verse three:]
During this metropolis women folk appearance exceptionally
Men inform jokes in order to seem to be witty
Inform a humorous funny story simply to get a few play
Then you definately try and make a transfer and he or she says, "No method"
Women are fakin goodness sakin
They wish a guy who brings abode the 1st baron beaverbrook
Bought no payment and also you were given no vehicle
Then you definitely bought no girl and there you're
A few women are sadistic, materialistic
Lookin for a guy makes them opportunistic
They are lyin on a coastline perpetrating a tan
In order that a brother with the cash will likely be their guy
So at the sea coast you are strollin proper top rollin
All the things you have got is yours and never stolen
A woman runs up with somethin to end up
So do not simply stand there bust a stream

[Verse four:]
Your ally Harry has a brother Larry
In 5 days from now he is gonna marry
He is hopin you may make it there should you can
Result in within the rite you are going to be the only guy
You assert neat-o, investigate your libido
And roll to the church for your new tuxedo
The bride walks down simply to leap the marriage
And there is one other lady you will not be getting
So that you commence thinkin then you definately soar blinking
A bridesmaid appears and thinks that you are winking
She thinks your kinda lovable so she winks returned
And now your feelin fairly satisfactory intent the lady is stacked
Reception's jumpin bass is pumpin
Observe the lady and your center starts offevolved thumpin
Says she desires to dance to another groove
Now you already know what to do G bust a stream

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