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I lamentably have had a negative expertise with west jet. With a bit of luck no person else ever loses their luggage! For the reason that customer support awarded with the aid of bags and claims is admittedly horrendous! Iv invariably recognized westjet to be very accommodating and for having most appropriate customer support it appears this branch overlooked the memo.

Even as vacationing for a marriage my bag become misplaced. I contacted bags and claims they discovered my bag and attempted to determine find out how to get it to me as instant as they are able to. In addition they promised me $250USD for the primary 48hours that my baggage had been lacking. They later despatched me an e mail announcing they might supply $250USD overall. I lost sight of this small element considering it could now not be a major deal. I used to be journeying in a negative undeveloped nation so it wasn't like I used to be taking place a giant purchasing spree, I bought shorts, a bra, lingerie, sandals, and a few toiletries. Since at this factor I had no proposal if I'd get my bag in any respect.

Whilst speaking to assorted special west jet workers all that they had instructed me to do turned into stay receipts and later post them, I even have lately submitted receipts to learn they must me itemized. Effectively I used to be already returned in Canada, so I wrote down on every receipt what I had bought. To then later be informed once again that it must be carried out by means of the shop themselves. Now right here lays the difficulty how the heck do I do this? west jet in the event that your going to fly me again to Antigua for itemized receipts I am not going to bitch, however severely come on!! then the worker proceeds to inform me that "oh ya simply name Antigua get the outlets to create new receipts and feature them emailed." Ummm excuse me?? The shops I bought from had been conscious my baggage had been misplaced, they'd have given me itemized receipts in the event that they had them. The shops might have hand written every part I purchased on a receipt simply as I did. How is that any one of a kind then me writing at the receipts? Then he tells me that he is doing me a big prefer by way of reimbursing me. However just for $250 no longer for the $250 for the 1st 48hrs that I used to be promised. western wedding dresses

I certainly not at all anticipated to be taken care of so poorly via an organization I usually right here such a lot great approximately. West jet misplaced my baggage! Now they're treating me like rubbish...how does that even make experience? Let alone I went for a marriage and did not have my bridesmaid clothe.

Signed via an excessively indignant and upset patron


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