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Calapacuan Essential Faculty Alumni Arrangement
Calapacuan, Subic, Zambales

Mins of the Assembly – February 03, 2018
Attended via 28 alumni plus CES academics

1. The assembly all started at round 1:forty five PM, and held on the university technological know-how laboratory room.

2. Mr. President begun the assembly with the aid of spotting the batches current and requested who're new inside the alumni assembly. While anyone has been recognised he requested and reminded anyone for his/her dedication mainly within the obligations or the committees he/she belongs to.

three. Mr. President additionally emphasised the desire of the overall Officials for preliminary price range for use for operational prices for the alumni homecoming. He stated a number of resources of price range inclusive of:
a. Batch registration price of Php 1,000
b. His exclusive TFC assets
c. Different fundraising hobbies like A laugh-run (c/o Batch ninety four & ninety eight, Bingo-social c/o Vice Pres and universal officials)

four. The assembly proceeded through recalling the several committees, particularly:
a. Methods and Skill Committee – c/o the final officials, whose essential perform is to deal with elevating price range for operational charges of the overall alumni (as informed with the aid of Jessie Cruz of Batch eighty one);

b. Foodstuff & Beverages – in line with batch, no liquors up to doable

c. Sound Device – letter of appointment to / solicitation for Mayor Khonghun

d. Reside Band – c/o Ms. Aline Vindua of Batch 86

e. Ornament and Bodily Association – c/o Batches 1994, 1998, 2003 &2010

f. Motorcade – c/o Batches 1972 and 2007 (course and main points of plan would be introduced subsequent assembly)

g. Software and Invitation – c/o Batch 2011

h. Registration on the Gate – c/o Batches 1980 & 1981

i. Defense – Batch 1981, to coordinate with Brgy. Chairman Orlando Timbol and Tanods

j. Sanitation – CRs c/o institution, trashes inside the affair c/o both batch

ok. Mr. & Ms. Alumni 2018 – c/o CES GPTA

okay.1. On-the-spot fund elevating recognition contest
okay.2 Every batch need to have one (1) male and one (1) woman applicants
ok.three Mixed fee for both (pair) applicants of the batch, now not separate for female and male applicants
ok.four Social Field sinadag form of extra fundraising for the batch, the pairs will dance to quite a few song, and volunteer donors may just donate funds with the aid of inserting it inside the field or pinning it on their gown, five batches in step with set
okay.five In basic terms dollars, no assessments. Foreign currency echange can be changed to greenback equal and to peso ($1.00 = Php45.00)
ok.6 Solely the batch with very best sequence can be given the identify Mr. & Ms. Alumni 2018 and can be offered with trophy, sash, crown and scepter and 50% in their contributed quantity, anything may have no percent
ok.7 Money so that they can be gathered from Mr. & Ms. Alumni seek will likely be donated to the faculty after deducting the fees for the trophies, crown, scepter and sashes
ok.eight Budget would be used for varsity initiatives resembling advantage of water device within the university, to buy two (2) extra water tanks in order that these on the 2nd flooring may have water source for his or her CRs and different sanitary applications, and the development of “I LOVE CES” insignia, and get better/conclude the place wall with batch names as donors short homecoming dresses 2018

five. Powerpoint or Video Presentation – c/o every batch, 2-three mins in basic terms and to receive to Sir Ogot on or formerly March 24, 2018.

6. Ushers & Usherettes – c/o CES Instructors and GPTA Officials, money and expenditures c/o alumni officials

7. Different Concerns:
a. Batch T-blouse for the motorcade – coloration is as much as the decision of the batch
b. Dresses at the Alumni Night time ought to be semi-formal, no sando, no shorts, no slippers
c. The overall alumni will offer every batch 20 chairs, added of as much as 30 extra chairs shall be treated the batch which include one desk for batch meals buffet

d. Enjoyable-run – to be spearhead by way of the overall alumni yet performed by way of batches ninety four & ninety eight
d.1. 20 portions tickets price P50 every single could be given every batch, great as bought
d.2. Price tag stubs shall be supplied to the organizer at the day to say variety
d.three. For extra tickets touch batch ninety four & ninety eight or the final officials
d.four. Run begins at five:30 AM, April 7, 2018, Dream Plaza to CES

e. Batch presidents or representatives are encouraged to sign up and join the Facebook Homepage of Calapacuan Essential Faculty Alumni Arrangement for posting and info updates.
f. Application glide, Bingo-social and motorcade particulars will probably be introduced subsequent assembly.
g. Assembly in March can be weekly for nearer updates and practice ups of responsibilities assigned.
h. Subsequent assembly may be on Feb 17, 2018 at 1:00 PM, CES

eight. The assembly was once adjourned at four:14 PM

Keen through: Rey De Leon, Batch ‘81


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