sexy little black


Little black female in a pink costume on a sizzling evening with a damaged shoe sexy little black
Little black lady you shoulda certainly not left domestic
There may be doubtlessly any person it's nevertheless ready up for you ...
It really is chilly again in Chicago yet in L. a. that is worse
While all to procure is twenty 9 money and an alligator handbag

I see already that vulture within the fleet timber
With the chartreuse hood
Can see you might be attempting to get your bearings
And also you say, "Howdy, which tactics the foremost stem?"
And in which ever you assert you are from

He's going to say he grew up there himself
And he will come on and make you are feeling
Such as you grew up true round the corner to him
And also you say take a left on principal and he throws it in opposite
'Result in you simply obtained twenty 9 funds and an alligator handbag

And he will come on like a gentleman
And you will be slightly shy
You are saying your ex historic guy was once a sax participant
He's going to say, "Infant, I used to play bass for Sly"
And also you say you're keen on his Cadillac, say honey, I acquired 2 or three

He's going to say sweetheart you might be positive lucky
Which you suddenly met me
Whilst you've executed a dime inside the joint
You work not anything will be worse
And also you received twenty 9 bucks in an alligator handbag

Nicely, he acquired Pharaoh at the eight song
You begin smoking a bit of boo
You wondering getting out of Chicago
Became the easiest component ever befell to you
You startin' to love it already this cat appears cool
He says Infant I do know an honest historic jailhouse in West-Hollywood
Work for you
However he ain't no appropriate Samaritan
He will be sure he is reimbursed
Lot greater than twenty 9 cash and an alligator handbag

Now whilst the streets get hungry, newborn
Possible well-nigh pay attention them growl
A persons' surroundings a spot for you
While the puppies start to howl

And the streets are lifeless
They creep up and take no matter's left at the bone
They make suckers forever make error
After they're distant from homestead
Fowl in a pot, whoever will get their first
Gonna get himself twenty 9 money and an alligator handbag

Now the sirens simply an epilogue
The law enforcement officials consistently get there too overdue
They invariably end for espresso
With a purpose to the scene of the crime
They at all times attempt so complicated to appear like motion picture stars

They could not seize a chilly
You just squandering precious dime and he or she's fortunate to be alive
The health practitioner whispered to the nurse she simply misplaced
A 0.5 pint of blood twenty 9 funds and an alligator handbag

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