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Marriage ceremony WAHALA Episode 6 “So you believe you studied this turned into no longer a robbery try that went bad…you consider it changed into a planned assault?” Biola requested the police detective in command of the case. “I haven't any doubt in my head. The guy who located Modupe pointed out her attacker became hacking her within the head with a membership, even as making no try to scouse borrow her cellphone, ring, or beat earphone…nothing. What does that let you know? It became a properly-deliberate assault,” the detective maintained. “Do you understand of absolutely everyone who would need to hurt Modupe?” Biola requested Lara. “No, she not often hurts someone.” Biola idea for a second. He rose to his toes and walked to the window. Open air, Modupe’s mom changed into crying profusely. He ought to listen her cry from his place, and every tear she cried damage him deeply. “I can be correct to come back,” he stated to Lara and the detective. He went external, sat in his motor vehicle and dialed Bimbo. “Why are you calling me, Biola?” She requested, her voice riddled with acrimony. “Did you do whatever to Modupe, our might-be marriage ceremony planner?” “What do you imply? What have I acquired to do together with her? Until you might be slumbering together with her. Biola, I can’t consider this. You left me for our wedding ceremony planner? How lengthy have you ever been slumbering with her…right underneath my nostril!!! It is too tough for me to take. I'm very mad at you!!! I would like I on no account met you, Biola! You suspect I didn't be aware the way you checked out her in many instances?” “I requested you an effortless query and also you went off on a tangent. Modupe changed into attacked formerly in these days and he or she is in a valuable situation. She may just die…I desire and pray now not, but when whatever thing takes place to her, I am going to come when you with every little thing I've got!” “I knew it…I knew you had been napping together with her. If she is harm, then she merits it!!! Husband snatcher! Other people like her need to burn in hell!!!” Bimbo was once yelling viciously. “I would like not anything to do with you and your Modupe, Biola. Please depart me by myself. I don’t care what occurs to you or Modupe!” She did it! It's got to be her, Biola proposal after the decision. His center turned into beating instant as he seen what to do subsequent. He dialed Umar Bello, a desirable-score police officer in Lagos. He and Umar performed tennis on the tennis membership in Ikoyi. “Umar, I'm reckoning on you. This lady merits justice. I'm satisfied that my ex went after her once i had often called off our wedding ceremony.” “But how did she discover you've gotten thoughts for the marriage planner?” Umar requested, as he sought to comprehend the case more beneficial. “I don’t comprehend, however she did say she had considered me observe her amorously. Possibly I did, per chance now not, however I've a intestine feeling she dug up a thing. Probably she adopted me to Modupe’s place of job, or anything. I used to be there the day gone by. It should now not be the primary time Bimbo could stick to me at the suspicion that I used to be seeing another individual.” “I see,” Umar talked about. He was once in a deep inspiration. “Did you are saying her identify is Abimbola Busayo Oluremi?” “Yes.” “If I take into account in fact from what you informed me formerly, she is the daughter of Leader Dayo Levi Oluremi, properly?” “Yes, she is.” “I am afraid; this isn't going to be trouble-free. I can’t arrest her quickly. Her father is extremely connected…up to the presidential point.” “And so is my father!” Biola retorted. “You should want to talk over with you father to get in contact with a few of my superiors then.” “I can’t refer to my father now. We aren't on talking phrases. Umar, it truly is approximately justice, and never approximately who I do know, who I'm or who Bimbo is. A deficient harmless woman used to be hacked basically to dying beforehand in the present day. I feel the Nigerian police should still do its task!!!” Biola changed into boiling with rage. “You are flawlessly precise, Biola, however it truly is Nigeria in the end! I might like to do my activity, yet I've doubtless that her father gets her out in mins, if in any respect he may allow us to lay a hand on her inside the first position. Have your father become involved. Which may be the single technique to clear up this matter…at least; we will be able to get to ask Bimbo over to impeach her.” Biola took a deep breath. He became shaking in anger. “I will name you again, Umar,” he pronounced despondently. “Okay, I'll be looking forward to your name. Incidentally, will you be at Ikoyi tennis membership this weekend?” “I am unsure but. I have to get to the basis of this count.” “I realize. When you do take place on the membership, we are able to dialogue extra. Meanwhile, I will be able to see what I'm able to discover.” While Biola again to the construction, the medical doctors had added horrific information. “She sustained negative head accidents. She has to be flown out of the country once conceivable for cure. If she is simply not operated quickly, she may additionally go through everlasting mind wreck!” The health care provider warned. “God, wetin I do? (God, what have I accomplished?)” Modupe’s mom shouted as a sparkling streak of tears crashed down her face. “Stop crying ma, I am going to do the whole lot inside of my powers to get her medication. I'll name a few guests to start visa approach for her suddenly. I'm positive we will be able to fly her out to London in a couple of week or so for healing. Health practitioner, will that aid?” “I feel so, but when it may be faster, that will be enhanced.” “I will do my first-rate. Am i able to see her now?” “No, it isn't dependable as a result of the possibility of contamination. We're looking her intently.” … “Your pad is super!” Isabell declared. “Thank you. I'm happy you're keen on it,” answered Seyi. Isabell wore a flamboyant blue, crimson and white gown that exposed her cleavage manifestly. The gown had a slit that ran all of the approach to her excellent thigh, just under her hip. She sat on a sofa, stretching her stylish legs to Seyi’s admiration. That they had simply performed dinner. Seyi’s prepare dinner had keen amala and ewedu soup, which they wolfed luckily. “Your prepare dinner is superb. That's the premier amala and ewedu I actually have had in a very long time. So, what's it you like from me, Seyi?” Isabell requested topic-of-factly. “Well, do you want to be wealthy?” “Of direction, who does not wish to be prosperous?” Seyi knew that Isabel changed into one in all Dayo’s many girlfriends, generally from UNILAG and LASU. A few UNILAG and LASU woman scholars like Isabell might do anything else for payment. Dayo turned into within the behavior of frequenting golf equipment that he knew such UNILAG and LASU women patronized of their lookup prosperous older adult males, and his forays were extensively profitable. He now had a hoard of UNILAG and LASU ladies to select from. “I suggest, very prosperous! How approximately 3 million naira?” Isabell felt a flutter in her middle. She had not at all observed one 2 hundred and fifty thousand naira in a block, so the idea of possessing 3 million naira ignited a volcanic eruption in her thoughts. Her curiosity peaked. She sat up, obtrusive closely at Seyi. “I will blow your thoughts, if that's what you might be bearing on,” she mentioned, revealing a bit of greater of her cleavage. “That will come later, however for now, I need you to do a specific thing else for me.” “What is it?” “This will stay among you and that i. Beforehand I allow you to in at the deal, come the following,” he talked about with an air of authority. Isabell walked around the room to him. All she may possibly see as she crossed the elegantly provided lounge turned into cash – 3 million naira to be specific. By the point she reached Seyi’s function, her robe changed into at the flooring. Seyi should hardly ever withstand her younger, luscious physique. He grabbed her like a cat nabbing a mouse. Quickly, both of them had been moaning passionately, composing and waxing new songs devoid of demo. Once they have been simply by, Isabell requested, “I will try this day-to-day with you to earn the 3 million naira.” “I stay my observe lady. Like I mentioned, here's simply the primary half. The second one component is a little trickier. I need you to trap Dayo to mattress at position in which we are going to have the room stressed out. I would like to get him on tape.” Seyi studied Isabell’s eyes as their bare our bodies rubbed in opposition to one another. There has been a few concern in her eyes. “What if…what if he reveals out? I don’t would like any main issue.” “There shall be no problem, Isabell. You're a sizeable woman. That is not anything. See, here is the way it goes to turn up. One could entice him over as a wonder. We are able to have a room stressed out at a few quiet motel. You'll be able to make like to him within the wildest method you could. As soon as he's long past, I'll twine 5 million naira into your checking account.” “Did you assert 5 million naira?” “Yes. I simply expanded the quantity, Isabell. As well, I am going to deal with your visa and feature you flown to London. Nobody will ever trouble you. You should have payment and you'll are living in another country. In case you like, I'll ship you to the usa. After you are out of the image, I can confront Dayo with the tape. To not be troubled, this can be a lengthy story…I simply must have some thing on my loved one.” Isabell contemplated the chance, however the thought about dwelling out of the country with loads dollars to spend changed into overwhelming. “I will do it.” “Good woman!” “You promise to maintain the tape mystery and never to confront Dayo, for no matter what is happening among you two unless I'm appropriately out of the country?” “Yes, you have got my observe. To get matters going, I'm able to have your account credited with half of 1,000,000 naira with the aid of the next day morning, after i have your account info.” “No sir, make that two million.” “Okay, I'll make it 1000000. As soon as the lodge is stressed and also you are able to move, I will be able to cord the subsequent two million to you. Then, as soon as the process is completed, you get the final two million ahead of you allow the rustic.” “That sounds good to me.” Seyi decreased his head and started to kiss her. Quickly, they had been making love to come back. Isabell ought to hardly ever sleep all nighttime. After all, I am getting to be wealthy, she notion whereas Seyi snored with no end in sight beside her out of fatigue. Biola obtained out of the tub and walked to the lounge. He became at the Television although he wolfed a plate of rice. He had stopped at Mr. Bigg’s to select up several matters on his means domicile. There has been a Mr. Bigg’s about a streets clear of his condo. He changed into bone-weary. He had kicked matters into movement with appreciate to Modupe’s visa. A visa need to be in a position for her and her mom and dad in 3 days to fly to London for an emergency surgical procedure. He turned into making plans on becoming a member of them about a days later. He won two special textual content messages whilst he became working round to before inside the day mentioning that his contracts with Shell and Cadbury have been cancelled. He knew his father used to be at it to come back. As he peered on the Television display, he puzzled what subsequent for his accounting company. His father became swiftly killing off his shoppers. Concurrently, he puzzled if the entirety might workout smartly for Modupe. red and white wedding dresses


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