Aje is a Godess of wealth and fiscal prosperity, this orisha allows the buildup of wealth and stop dwindling of 1's monetary enlargement, the financial system is a crown, the lion is sort of a courageous (Aje is the daughter of the capital) economic system is a really paramount Orisa that any one who actually wishes wealth, monetary prosperity, progress and upkeep of wealth will need to have in his or her ownership. Aje is the religious electricity that may be answerable for the management of wealth, exchange, fiscal enlargement, prosperity, and any kind of forex, everyone who has consecrated financial system and appease it or Propitiate effectively won't ever by no means returned in any style of change.

The significance of the economic system cannot be underate accordingly the typical quantity of owonrin says that even that you need to we greet financial system inside the morning sooner than we greet it, since it is so (that's what I say in economics approximately economics)
Opon efa frightened.

Keep Abaya Offshore
Adipus For The 1st Technology Of The top Of The realm Of Darkness
, The Economic system Of The Satan, The Spinner.
IFA divination studying changed into accomplished for osiniyi who's the 1st little one of the
This is Economics (Godess of wealth) that one need to greet and compliment inside the morning until now greetings annilala
The oyekuwonrin is advising the primary newborn of the women to not underate her sister economics if so, the odu make it transparent that even it is easy to greet the economic system formerly greetings nameless, which is to indicate how priceless this orisha supplies his robust in helping one economic system expansion.
This orisha materials can be product of giant cowries shells and different parts from ocean or sea, in fact the elements had been acquired it would then be consecrated spiritualy for seven days. Then the potential is ideal to be used, however economic system is and individualize orisha more commonly organize within the call of the person that desires to be as a result of it, it truly is orisha that somebody need to have regardless of race, coloration, or faith orientation,
Aje is commonly Reward this type within the morning
Monday morning
Monday headphones
Ogugu bend
Monetary oniso complete
Asewe increasing
runner your self

Who commodities and for our kids's usual
Iwo labomon have triumph over the area
monetary Iwo Riggs
Witch Dungeon lajige
Witch Dungeon lajipe
Who amusokun
Who amusede
You bought worms purchase brains attire in one more birth of glowing
monetary outcomes became Doost Why don't you do it and don't be aware of why
I am staying abode, I swear by way of MI, it can be valued at it at present.

Aje top morning
Aje you're the proprietor of sea
Person who has safe haven
Aje you're the ones who folks are looking for solace lower than your secure or umbrella
You're the ones who sell younger consumer to the placement of elders
You're making historical glance youthful
You're the strength and tool that ideas the realm
Aje is you that each someone round everyday they get up
Aje is you get up to greet
Aje is you get up to reward
Aje is you get up to name on
Aje that is by you we received beaded jewelries and golden jewelries
Aje that is via you we obtained steeply-priced outfits
Aje you're the ancient of all orisha
Aje enable me have you ever in variety of payment in my pocket now not in kind of debt on my call

Aje will probably be Propitiate with white peelut butterflies with 4 lobes and so forth.
You can also make order for completely individualise spiritualy consecrated economic climate to your very own, industrial, or loved ones from Babalawo Ifarinwa Ifayemi.


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